Welcome to EMess wiki

Emess is a free (as free beer) jabber client for Android platform.




Current statusEdit

Implemented XEP's:

  • XEP-0085: Chat state notification
  • XEP-0184: Message receipts
  • XEP-0045: Multi-user chat (participant role, private messages)
  • XEP-0080: User location (publish only)
  • XEP-0106, 0107, 0118: User mood/activity/tune (receive only)
  • XEP-0119: XMPP ping
  • XEP-0138: Stream Compression
  • XEP-0203: Delayed delivery (timestamps)
  • Legacy SSL

Platform-specific features

  • Vibration/LED on unread messages.
  • GPS support for geolocation

Known issues Edit

  • Messages from not-in-roster contacts are ignored.
  • There is no way to show offline contacts.


The only auth method supported is plain-text! SSL/TLS isn't supported yet.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. =)

XMPP: eqx[at],

facebook, Equidamoid

email: eqx[at]

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