2010.08.30 Edit

  • Timestamps in chatlog.
  • System log (Roster activity -> menu -> Log).
  • Proper handling of auth errors.
  • Fullscreen mode for chat activity.
  • Status (online/away/etc.), priority and caps node in resources dialog.
  • Presences in chat log.
  • Compression statistics.
  • Sending of chat state notifications.

2010.09.10 Edit

  • Highlight of outgoing messages in chat.
  • File transfer (XEP-0065, only mediated connections)
  • Enter key sends message in chat.
  • MUC-specific info in ContactInfo activity (ex-Resources dialog)

2010.09.18 Edit

  • Service discovery
  • Ad-hoc commands
  • "Exit" button instead of "Disconnect"
  • some fixes

2010.10.02 Edit

  • New "Set status" dialog
  • Contact list sorting by status and name
  • Some apperance changes in Chat activity
  • Temporary contacts (Messages from not-in-roster peers are not dropping anymore!)

Under development Edit

  • XEP-0030
  • XEP-0065
  • XEP-0054 (partial support)

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